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Orchestral / BrassSound Module

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This is a vintage Rhodes-typed piano module with gentle overdrive.

This module reproduces the classic sound similar to RSP73 pianos. Module is not sample based, and the sound is generated on-the-fly, therefore there are 127 layers with vintage rhodes smooth overdrive, clean and continuous.

Unlike many other software modules and samplers, this module will never overload CPU. It will never stick notes, and never interrupt the sound during live performances.

VST | Free | Скачано - 267 раз | Размер - 658Kб

A small and versatile bass-line module.

The bass module is a morph between sample playback and a synthesizer. Original string excitation is sampled, and then sound is modeled.

Playing chords will add extra fat rumble, like when playing a real bass guitar.

VST | Free | Скачано - 334 раз | Размер - 86,2Mб

E-Piano module with a rich, warm and silky sound. It is quite unique by its character.

The module is made with a hybrid technology, which involves sample playback and synthesizing within one case.

VST | Demo | Скачано - 125 раз | Размер -

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