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Rhythm Lab Twin Delay — это VST-плагин, предназначенный для эмуляции цифрового и аналогового эффекта дилея. Эта программа является не совсем точной цифровой копией уже существующего железного оборудования, но, тем не менее, им можно пользоваться как для создания различных популярных эффектов, так и для модуляции и создания весьма необычных эффектов, таких как фленжеp и металайзер. Особое внимание отводится алгоритму аналогового эффекта дилея, что делает возможным создавать красивый и оригинальный звук, часто используемый в таких жанрах музыки как IDM, Experimental, Breaks и особенно в Dub и его подстилях: Dub techno, Dubstep, Dubwise и т.п.

* Цифровой алгоритм и три оригинальных алгоритма магнитной ленты;
* Задержка канала (дилей канала);
* Три типа синхронизации: авто, миллисекунды и ручное изменение битрейта;
* Функция обратной связи для алгоритма пинг-понг задержки;
* Функция моно/стерео сглаживания;
* HP и LP фильтры с эмуляцией движка лампового усилителя;
* 65 пресетов.

FX | Free | Размер — 985 Kb


* Puncher module
* Saturator module (2 modes)
* Sub-harmonic synthesizer
* Built-in compressor
* Effect monitoring switch
* Multi-channel processing
* Internal channel routing
* Channel grouping
* Mid/side processing
* Up to 8x oversampling
* 64-bit floating point processing
* Preset manager
* Undo/redo history
* A/B comparisons
* Contextual hint messages

What's New. Version 1.1, 06-jul-2009:

* Crossover filter steepness parameter added.
* "Radial" knob mode can be now disabled completely.
* "Off-Line Render" indication added.
* Global level metering parameters added.
* Knob read-outs now require a single click for keyboard entry.
* Occasional crashes in WaveLab and other hosts fixed.
* Host sample rate switch-related problem fixed.
* Minor visual improvements implemented.
* Plug-in initial loading time reduced.

FX | Free | Размер — 6.51

de la Mancha Plastique VSTi v2.1

Plastique is a 2 oscillator subtractive synth, using the 31 waveforms from the Casio HT-700 synth and some enhancements to the originals feature set.

It does lofi 80s sounds but also so much more, with a configurable filter (up to 16 poles), a pitch envelope for percussion, an arp, tempo sync delay & LFO, chorus and some lofi instability

· 31 Waveforms from the Casio HT-700
· 2 Oscs with sync and octave / semitone detune
· Configurable Resonant Low Pass filter (2-16 poles with cut-off spread)
· Volume and Pitch envelopes
· Tempo sync LFO with 10 waveforms and note-on sync to modulate filter and pitch
· Tempo sync Arp with 6 modes and adjustable octave range, note length
· Tempo sync Delay
· Adjustable Chorus
· Lofi options include reduction in quality, distortion and pitch drift
· 64 presets from Tim Conrardy, Ouroboros & Sink

FX | Free | Размер — 1.55

Atomsplitteraudio Dune Delay VST v2.06

Dune delay is not your normal delay as well as having a standard tempo sync delay you have the.Dune Delay which allows you to shape the delay by having control over the bounce volume and spacing.Dune Delay also features a reverb, chorus filter and gate effects so you can use it for other things if you want. Theres also all the standard controls like bypass, mix, pan, volume and randomize buttons to make creating new delays fast and easy.

Feature List:
Control the delay volume and space
SVF filter
Tempo sync gate effect
Built in reverb settings
A second tempo sync delay
A chorus effect
Standard controls such as Dry/Wet mix, pan and volume controls
Randomize for controls and Dune Delay Volume and Space
Bypass/Power switches for all seperate sections to help save CPU
Output display and status bar for control values
New GUI design
Future product updates

FX | Free | Размер — 1.85

Novation Automap Pro VST v3.1

Automap 3 is the latest incarnation of Novation's intelligent software system. Automap is unique to Novation’s MIDI controllers, and has now been enhanced with a wealth of eagerly anticipated features. Until now Automap had focused on plug-in control, but exciting developments bring a new level of DAW control. No matter what music software you use, Automap offers an instant controlling solution for all your plug-ins. It supports VST. It allows hardware controllers to interact with plug-in instruments and effects. Opening up any Automappable plug-in instantly maps parameters to physical controls on Novation's SL- and Nocturn controllers.

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