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Cubase 5 и Cubase Studio 5 — различия функций

Сравнение функций

ФункцииCubase 5Cubase Studio 5
Award-winning Cubase 32-bit floating-point audio engineyesyes
Number of audio tracksunlimitedunlimited
Number of MIDI tracksunlimitedunlimited
Instrument tracksunlimitedunlimited
Physical inputs/outputs256128
Group channels256256
FX Send channels88
FX Return channels6464
VST audio effect insert slots88
MIDI effect insert slots44
VST instrument slots6432
VST3 plug-in supportyesyes
Rewire supportyesyes
Number of mixer views32
Control Roomyesno
Extended Channel EQ (VST3 Studio EQ)yesno
Extended Mixer viewyesyes
Sidechain inputsyesyes
5.1 surround and true multichannel audio pathyesno
External FXyesno
External instrumentsyesno
Automation modesTouch, Auto-Latch, Cross-Over, TrimTouch, Auto-Latch, Cross-Over, Trim
Volume envelopesyesyes
Automation panelyesyes
Hardware controller supportyesyes
Channel Batch Export functionyesyes
Unlimited Undo and Redo functionsyesyes
Offline Process Historyfor built-in audio and all plug-insfor built-in audio
MediaBay and VST Sound supportfulllimited*
Track presetsyesyes
Studio connectionsrecall + audiorecall
Workspaces (virtual desktops)yesyes
Project Browseryesyes
Recording modes: Mix, Overwrite, Normal, Merge, Stackedyesyes
Recording from bussesyesyes
Editors: Key, List, Basic Scoreyesyes
Drum Editoryesyes
Logical Editoryesyes
Project Logical Editoryesno
Inplace Editor (MIDI editing in Project Window)yesyes
Advanced options in Tempo Editoryesno
Extended Track Inspector (shows VSTi channel for MIDI tracks)yesyes
MIDI devices (Device Maps and Editors)yesno
Professional score layout and printing functions (incl. MusicXML Import + Export)yesyes
Arranger Trackyesyes
Global Transpose Trackyesyes
Signature and tempo tracks in Project windowyesyes
Audio Warp (real-time time stretching + pitch shifting)yesyes
Time Warp toolyesyes
Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching algorithmreal time + MPEXreal time + MPEX
DitheringApogee UV22HRApogee UV22HR
Key command macrosyesyes
Pool Import and Exportyesyes
Track archivesyesno
Extended Freeze for VST instruments and audio tracksyesyes
Track Quick Controlsyesyes
Full MP3 Fraunhofer encodingyesavailable as update
Windows Media WMA Pro encodingyesyes
OMF import/exportyesno
Sequel Project importyesyes
Number of VST MIDI effect plug-ins included1818
Number of VST audio effect plug-ins included5644
Number of VST instruments included83
Number of instrument sounds included1,000+600+
Full printed operations manuayesno
Mac OS X Universal Binaryyesyes
Multi-processing supportyesyes
Vista 64 native Cubase 64-bit versionyesyes

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