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Hexter — это VSTi симулятор синтезатора Sean Bolton's Hexter LADSPA/DSSI, который использует технические средства DX7 синтеза.

* 6 Operator Yamaha DX7 FM архитектура.
* Загрузка и сохранение стандартных 32 или 1 DX7 SysEx файлов.
* Встроенный редактор пресетов и простой банк.
* Встроенные эффекты: Tube-warmth, Chorus, Echo, и Reverb.

Synth | Размер — 426 Кб

Single Preset piano module

VST | Trial | Размер — 86,7Mб

Create chord patterns, riffs, bass lines, effects, arpeggios, morphs, pads, leads, even 4-track songs quickly and intuitively with Xphraze. With chopping rave chords, complex polyphonic soundscapes, screaming bass and lead riffs, luscious sweeping pads and tempo-synced sound effects, Xphraze will have your music exploding from your speakers all in perfect sync.

VST | Demo | Размер — 29582 KB

Iblit is a monophonic VST 2.3 compatible software synthesizer for PC.
The oscillator waveforms are generated using BLITs (Band Limited Impulse Train)
which gives oscillators with very low aliasing.


  • 3 oscillators
  • Pulse and Sawtooth waveforms
  • Noise generator
  • Transpose \26124 semitones
  • Fine Tune \26150 cent
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Individual Pitch Bend range for each oscillator
  • Portamento
  • 24dB/octave LP/HP filter
  • Two LFOs
  • Two ADSR envelope generators
  • Midi automation and Midi learn

VST | Free

PhadiZ is a phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots of stereo options including a unique panning/filter swoosh sound for great pads.


  • 2 Oscillators.
  • 6 Envelopes.
  • 2 LFOs.
  • Delay and ring modulator.

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