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Prototype18 is a monophonic virtual analogue synth.

  • 2 oscillators (Saw / Square / Sine) with PWM, Mix, Detune.
  • Resonant filter with ADSR envelope.
  • LFO.
  • Portamento.
  • ADSR Amp Envelope.

VST | Free

Alieno is a hybrid synthesizer. Its SCI-FI styled, object-oriented environment allows the user to mix-up different synthesizing techniques and develop powerful and articulated voices. The synthesizer is equipped with advanced internal modulation and external MIDI control, built-in effects and an extended library of leads, sequences, chords, basses and special FX.

VST | Free | Размер — 9Mб

  • 2 oscillators
  • 1 multimode resonant filter
  • 3 LFOs
  • 2 envelopes
  • Frequency modulation and synchro between the two oscillators
  • 8 modulated outputs with gestual control of the most important parameters associated with spatial movements.
  • 10 notes polyphony.

VST | Free

  • Software synthesizer, subtractive.
  • Two band limited oscillators (minblep).
  • Ringmod, sync.
  • Real glide.
  • Multimode filter, self oscillation possible, real keyboard tracking.
  • Two envelopes, two low frequency oscillators.
  • Modular modulation.
  • Per-sample modulation and glide.
  • Per-voice distortion with static filter.
  • Quite fast, very high quality.
  • Perfect note logic (mono/low/high/last/poly to 16 voices).
  • Correctly implemented round robin voice stealing, other modes planned.
  • Free for free use, commercial licence planned, restricted for now.

VST | Free

This is a vintage Rhodes-typed piano module with gentle overdrive.

This module reproduces the classic sound similar to RSP73 pianos. Module is not sample based, and the sound is generated on-the-fly, therefore there are 127 layers with vintage rhodes smooth overdrive, clean and continuous.

Unlike many other software modules and samplers, this module will never overload CPU. It will never stick notes, and never interrupt the sound during live performances.

VST | Free | Размер — 658Kб

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